“Quality Eye Consultancy Services (QECS) were contracted by MB Firepumps Ltd, some years ago to construct an ISO 9001 package, which was streamlined to suit the needs of our business.

The assistance Blair Matthew has provided has been invaluable, his in-depth knowledge and patience has allowed our business to expand and been able to adjust to moving of premises and time constraints, Blair has become a valuable contributor to our business development.

The professional manner in which QECS have built our system, assisting with H&S queries and combining their working knowledge and training, adapting to suit our business has proven extremely cost effective. As MB Firepumps Ltd continue to develop, QECS will remain an important part within our Quality Programme. Over recent years without QECS professionalism we would not have had the structure in place necessary to advance in our working environment, there would be no hesitation to recommend QECS to other businesses looking to set up a quality system from start to certification and still offering continued support with ideas and grant investigation to help develop the business further”.

Michael Brogan - Owner/Director
Engineering/ Service Industry (Fire Pumps)