ISO 9001

The ISO 9000 series started in military contract management and focuses on the management of processes (to satisfy needs/ expectations – Customers).

ISO 9001 is an Internationally recognised standard for Quality Management; designed to apply to virtually any products/ service (building on basis of previous BS 5750 principles).

ISO 9001 offers a framework for building in Total Quality Management (TQM) principles; and a base on which controlled (Continual) improvements can be made. The essential philosophy of TQM is Continual improvement within all aspects and processes of the business.

The standard having undergone significant change (as part of ISO Annex SL overhaul) promotes the application of a more integrated ‘Process Approach’ (i.e. the identification and management of numerous linked activities), and the Continual Improvement principles throughout.

This can often help organisations understand, meet and exceed customer requirements, and can help in creating a unified Strategy and Vision, taking into account other business risk considerations within it’s context.

ISO 9001 builds on this principle, and outlines a model/ structure for a ‘Process-based’ Quality Management System, illustrated by QECS as:



N.B. Clause references are shown above relating to individual sections of ISO 9001 (2015) requirements, along with foundationary ‘Quality Management Principles’ (QMP)

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