ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is an Internationally recognised standard for Food Safety Management; designed to apply to any organisation involved within the Food Supply Chain (ensuring ‘safe’ food-based products).

Different countries, regions, markets, industries and even retailers have developed their own standards and requirements for ‘Food Safety’; however, these standards have not always addressed some of the key issues, such as traceability, or lack of interactive communication across the supply chain.

The overall aim of the standard is to implement one universal food safety standard applicable to any food manufacturer/ handlers, integrating with existing food quality and safety management systems; and providing a solid base for customer confidence – a must in today’s society.

ISO 22000 brings together principles of managing risk, through Food Safety Risk Assessment programmes (incl. HACCP – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). Additionally, in line with the other ISO series of standards, it also deals with organisations’ capability in meeting/ exceeding applicable Legislative/ Regulatory requirements; and ensuring Plans are in place for dealing with emergency situations.

Like the other standards, this too is based around principles of ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’, and focuses on Continual Improvement throughout.

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